John Wheeler Founded FitnessOne With Women Specifically In Mind

August 14, 2015
John Wheeler is an entrepreneur who is motivated to stay active in his own life and who is inspired by the idea of helping others to do the same. Helping people to stay active not only means helping them to go to gym, but to stay  active in other ways as well. More than just working out, staying active means working muscles you never knew you had. John Wheeler founded FitnessOne in Toronto, Canada, so that people would have a place to be active and get healthy.

FitnessOne is more than just your typical gym, although it contains all the functions that a gym does. It also contains other functions, including helping individuals to find programs that will keep them active and engaged in their wellness, both there and at home. This is why FitnessOne is called an activity centre, because John Wheeler wanted to provide a place where people could work on themselves in more than just one way. The goal is not strictly weight loss or muscle gain—those are side-effects of living a healthier life.

John Wheeler founded FitnessOne with women specifically in mind, because he saw that women needed a place to be active in Toronto. However, people of all sexes, ages, colors, and sizes are welcome to go to FitnessOne and begin living a healthier lifestyle. John Wheeler is proud that he and his staff have been able to provide this opportunity to people in their community, but is more proud of making it so affordable.
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FitnessOne In Toronto Is A Full-Service Activity Center

June 22, 2015
John Wheeler has spent much of his professional life as an entrepreneur and businessman, but he has become focused on issues of fitness, health, and wellness. This is why he is currently the owner of FitnessOne in Toronto. This is a full-service activity center that caters to the needs and goals of females. But this does not mean that others are not welcome to become members at FitnessOne. Regardless of your gender, age, or fitness levels, you are welcome to join FitnessOne—they have the tools to help anyone live a healthier lifestyle.

John Wheeler wanted FitnessOne in Toronto to be a one-of-a-kind resource for individuals looking to make themselves more healthy in every respect, rather than just a traditional gym focused on weight loss. The staff that John Wheeler has put together at FitnessOne in Toronto are passionate about helping members to live lives that are more healthy and balanced.